Running on Empty, instead of Ketones

I’ve heard anecdotally  that one drawback of low carb diets is low energy level in workouts. Murph has not experienced that. I suspect the difference may be running on ketones versus running out of glucose. Too much protein might be the culprit for my low energy friends.

Explanation. My simple understanding is once you run your stored glucose down, ketones (pronounced KEY tones) are your body’s alternate energy source. And you have 40 times more energy stored in ketones than glucose. Ketones = burning fat.

We’ll tackle science in simple terms, so even Murph can understand.

What’s Murph eating?

Tonight, Murph had a kale and sausage frittata with zucchini sauteed sauted  in bacon.

His new breakfast obsession is Fage (pronounced Fa yeah) whole milk yogurt with berries.





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