Eat What You Like…and Vice Versa

Which is more true? We eat the foods we like or we like the foods we eat?  What about coffee, wine, cheese, things we typically say are an “acquired” taste. How did we acquire a taste for these foods? Clearly by consuming them. Murph is finding that more and more, he’s craving foods he’s been eating versus fretting over the foods he isn’t eating.

Recent observations: Food cravings have still been largely under control, other than occasional noshing on nuts in the afternoon. I’m sure his co workers love that development.

Inflammation in his hips remains at bay. Murph reports feeling slightly more flexible generally. Let’s hope the new new found flexibility extends to other areas of his life.

Weight loss has slowed, the 5 week total is 6 pounds.

How are others doing? Please leave a comment.

What’s Murph Eating?

Tonight’s dinner was grilled salmon, eggplant sautéed in olive oil, and tossed salad with bacon fat, coconut oil and white wine vinegar dressing. “Self praise is no praise” was uttered somewhere during the meal.

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