Calling All Murph Brainers

As week 5 begins, Murph is still experiencing the “amazing positives” (see related Post). Keeping it real, there’s also a few side effects. The problem with continual thirst has subsided, coinciding with a small reduction in protein. Murph seems to be finding that as long as he meets the 75% fat goal, hydration is not an issue.

I’m starting to hear of folks who are on their own adventures. I invite others who are testing the Grain Brain guidelines to comment on which effects they are or are not experiencing. Keep in mind, if you are comparing results to Murph, he is following these 3 rules :

1. 75% of calories from fat average over the course of a day
2. Exercise 5 days per week (minimum)
3. No more than two lifestyle adjustments per week

What’s Murph Eating?

Tonight’s dinner was Sesame Chicken, which is chicken cutlets rolled in sesame seeds and fried in coconut oil and/or avocado oil, served  with chopped broccoli sautéed in olive oil and a glass of red wine.

Still no bread, pastry or pasta and doesn’t appear to miss it.


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