Let’s Keep It Real

Early into week 4, Murph’s been pretty diligent sticking with the program. He’s yet to eat bread, pastry, pasta or pizza, and other than the occasional square of dark chocolate he’s avoided sugar. The positives have far outweighed the negatives, but here’s a few observations:

Murph’s been thirsty,  in spite of keeping water available. I’m going to start watching his protein intake more carefully as he might be eating too much. Fat will fill the gap if that’s the case.

Murph’s had a couple of moments of lightheadedness. Yeah, I know, I mean more than usual.

Murph’s spending less time in the bathroom. Seems to be mostly okay, but occasionally not. I mean he doesn’t just miss the solitude.

Murph’s biggest lifestyle adjustments involve beer. Each time (5 total), two things have happened.  He was a bigger lightweight than usual. We’re talking two beers and dancing on the ceiling.

And, he felt terrible the next day. Makes me wonder if the urban legend about Guinness preventing hangovers is related to carb content — a Guinness has about 10g of carb per serving which is half or less than most of the craft beers on the market today.

Murph lost 5 pounds in the first 3 weeks.


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