First the Amazing Positives

Murph is in search of a healthy diet. As week 4 on the Murph Brain Diet begins, he could still never have imagined the difference.

Unexpected outcome 1: The trip to the cabinet at every commercial break all but stopped on the first full day. Cravings between meals have virtually disappeared. Murph had what I’ll call a fear of hunger, and he made sure it never got to that, except it didn’t always work.

Unexpected outcome 2: Murph has not fallen asleep in an afternoon meeting in 3 weeks. He’s reduced his caffeine intake by about one third, by cutting out afternoon tea. I can only surmise that he is not experiencing an afternoon lull and doesn’t feel like he needs a boost.

Unexpected outcome 3: Murph is kind of a pansy and he whines about his hips hurting all the time. Some time at the beginning of week 2, he rather suddenly said his hips have not felt this good for as long as he could remember, but roughly 3 years. He also whines about his piriformis, and he still does on long car rides. Baby…

Last Unexpected outcome: Fasting doesn’t look that difficult. Murph did two 20 hour fasts, one each at the end of weeks 1 and 2.

So what’s Murph¬†eating? Nuts, cheese, salmon, eggs, avocado, butter and olive oil. There’s other stuff but that’s the go-to foods. Low carb actually looks tasty sometimes. Like the bacon balsamic salad dressing. He warmed some bacon lard up and mixed it with balsamic vinegar, He wouldn’t shut up about it so it must have been okay.

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